Tuesday, August 21, 2007

After dinner entertainment at Montebello

Felipe, George and I finished off our "working dinner" with $250 cigars (Cuban of course, George never misses a chance to "legally" sample the good ones) and $500 glasses of congac that Nicolas kindly had sent over. But the night was young and we wanted a little fun after the wives left us to get down to business. Fortunately, the Secret Service and RCMP had set up video monitors in the hotel so we could watch the protests if we want.

We want. What could be better entertainment that watching heavily armed riot police beating-up, pepper-spraying and arresting pro-terrorist-freaks, eco-freaks and anti-prosperity-freaks who are behaving like congenital idiots. We laughed our asses off seeing them penned in like cattle while believing they were changing the world.

And there was the bonus feature of Protest Girls Gone Wild. George had a thing for the super-butch protest-chicks with lots of tattoos and black leather jackets. Maybe they remind him of his wild and crazy time in the Air Guard when tequila was the only higher power in his life and he spend most nights passed out in tough Mexican border towns.

After a few brandys, I was hot for the hippy-dippy types with tie-died outfits and no bras. They're like the girls who completely dissed me in high school because I was a straight-laced nerd who wouldn't smoke weed. Oh, how they'd come crawling now that I'm the most powerful man in the country standing next to the most powerful man in the world.

Felipe was totally ogling the female cops. I guess he doesn't know they are all card-carrying lesbians - or maybe that's the attraction.

But seriously, do these anarcho-freaks really think they are going to affect government policy by prancing around the streets in clown outfits and gas masks? There's no big conspiracy, it's easy to get the ear of my government or any other one - just hire a lobbyist. It's not rocket science and it's not just for big evil capitalists.

Abramoff, one of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington was working for Indian bands for cripes sake. If a bunch of backward savages on reservations can figure out they need a top lobbyist surely the peace-freaks and eco-freaks can get it together. On second thought, after seeing how sad their protests were, they probably can't.

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