Sunday, September 16, 2007

Outremont Outrage!

I think Liberal leader Quasimodo might have managed the impossible - he's made me feel sorry for him. How can he and his advisors be so inept that they could lose Outremont which has voted Liberal for 70 years.

I was actually rooting for him on Monday because if there's one thing I hate more than a smug, pointy-headed, frogophone politician who massacres the English language, squeeks like a girl and is wishy washy to the bone -- it's ANY socialist politician. When the Devilspawn leftoid NDPeeps won Outremont after all I've done for Quebec, I lost my fucking lunch, pardon my French.

This riding is full of wealthy, well-educated people who make out like bandits from my tax cuts (and the ones I forced on Paul Martin), I've one-upped the distinct society by calling the Quebecois a Nation (of losers). And yet they are still flirting with the foaming-at-the-mouth socialists - it's an outrage! The Moustache that Roared will be prancing around Ottawa in leather pants like one of the Village People, proclaiming a breakthrough and that the red army is on the march.

I just don't get frogophones - the politicians and voters will cut off their big gaulish noses despite their faces that pinch like a sphincter when they talk. They think they're so bloody superior and to prove they're more European than Anglo-Saxon they'll create a huge white-elephant welfare state they don't even want - like their collectivist nanny-state daycare.

I don't mind Quebec separatists, after all they inspired my call defacto Alberta separation if we can't get rid of the Canada Health Act and Canada Pension Plan on the national level. What really gets my goat is that so many of PQ-nises are card-carrying commie-freaks in separatist clothing like Leveque and Parizeau. What douche-bags would want to leave Canada to become a province of the Soviet Union or Cuba for freaks sake?

I do hate the whiners and snivelers who blame everything on English or Ottawa and hold the country for ransom. All my political life I fought the Chamberlainesque appeasers like Brian, and even Preston, who caved in to the extortion. Then Mulroney convinced me that the only road to 24 Sussex goes through Quebec. So I had to hold my nose and become an appeaser myself but I feel kind of dirty - like I need to shower off some Batiste parade pigeon shit.

Working with Jean and then Mario, I've finally managed to pry the frogophones from the cold dead hand of the crypto-communist PQ on the provincial level, but now they're jumping into bed with the socialists federally. Since the Outremounters were so ungrateful and stupid that they voted totalitarian-left on Monday, all bets are off. I will have to put some of that old Reform stick about and teach them a lesson in hardball politics.

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