Sunday, August 19, 2007

The real reason Gordo had to go

The media called for Gord O'Connor's head on a spike because he gave a few fuzzy answers about Afghan prisoners who were over-enthusiastically interrogated after they left Canadian custody.

Huh? That's what outsourcing is all about. Do they want us to have to torture these ticking bombs ourselves or just let them go off and kill more Canadian kids in another convoy.

Anyway, when Gordo did finally get the one fingered salute from me, the media hacks were spraining their arms from patting themselves on the back so hard because their crack investigative reporting had gotten him fired.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I thought Gordo was doing such a great job on the Afghan file that I was willing to let him share in the glory of the Canadian Arctic militarization bonanza.

Then came the stab in the back - I saw that photo of him in desert camo, standing in front of a military plane no less. We had an agreement that I am the only one allowed to wear fatigues, flak jackets and especially camouflage outfits for photo ops. He may be an ex-general but that's my shtick and I just couldn't let a betrayal like that go unchallenged.

Fortunately, Peter Pan was so keen to prove he could do the tough job on Afghanistan that he signed off on the no camouflage policy without blinking. And Gordo gets the golden parachute into Revenue where he can do all the photo ops he wants with piles of $100 bills.

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