Thursday, September 13, 2007

We are all immigrants

There's a media tempest in a pisspot today because my New Government of Canada voted against a sacred cow of cows - the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Hello journo-freaks the leaders of the free world voted with us - including the US, Australia and even socialist New Zealand.

Anyway, I already knocked this sitting duck out of the shooting gallery when some jerkoff reporter tried to bait me at APEC about the declaration. I managed to keep my cool and say that we had "reservations" (nice pun, eh) and we wouldn't support it just to be politically correct. But at least John and I had a great time trashing the abo-freaks at our Prime Ministerial dinner later that night.

In fact, I'd rather cut off my right arm and feed it to wild cannibals than sign that declaration. Flanagan says it is virtually an anti-progress manifesto - symbolic of all that's wrong with the indi-freaks and the aboriginal self-pity industry.

The declaration already had three strikes before I read a word of the sanctimonious prose - first it comes from the UN which is an self-important kindergarten full of rabid anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-White fundamentalist commies. Second, the declaration was endorsed and co-drafted by the Liberals which means it must be a corrupt and wrong-headed. And third, there is no such thing as indigenous people - we are all immigrants - except perhaps for a few goat-herders still living in the Rift valley.

This is especially true in North America as Tom successfully argues in his book. We are all relatively recent immigrants here - sure some of the half naked savages arrived a few millennia before the rest of us, but on the scale of human history it's a rounding error. Anyway it's not like they did much to fix it up or utilize the land - it was a complete mess when we arrived from Europe to start organizing and harvesting the resources.

It's not our fault they didn't bother to create a proper civilization with defined borders and rule of law and deeded property. They preferred to remain lazy creatures of the elements without culture or government. And don't insult me and my God by calling their backward superstitions a religion - they worshiped rocks for Christ's sake.

I say they are free to live that way as long as they don't impede and interfere with the livelihood of other immigrants but don't go crying to mommy when hard-working people come along and want to make something of themselves and the wilderness you've been wasting all these years.

We Europeans may have showed-up a bit late to the party but we have invested the honest sweat of our brows and out hard-won capital to make this country almost as great as the US. In a misguided attempt at charity were even willing to help some the laggard savages who couldn't make the jump to the real world. But now they spit in our faces and call us oppressors and usurpers and demand that we hand everything over to them on a silver platter.

I say stop asking for handouts and start taking the proffered hand up to better your self and integrate yourself just like any other decent hard working immigrant family.

God bless the New Government of Canada.

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