Saturday, August 25, 2007

Between a rock and a hard place

I've tried to avoid the subject of undercover police at Montebello. But after seeing the way they have been dragged through the mud by the pathological anti-prosperity protest-freaks and pistol-whipped by the media, I can't keep silent any longer.

These everyday heroes were just doing their dangerous and important job - infiltrating criminal and violent organizations to prevent serious malfeasance - such as willfully damaging property and assaulting police officers with rocks. The gangs and riff-raff that call themselves protesters should be glad these brave men were there to prevent violence and preserve the peace.

The undercover officers also increased the size of their pathetic protests. In addition to the Sûreté du Québec, the RCMP tactical squad was undercover as a training exercise, undercover Vancouver Police officers and Blackwater contractors were there to practice roles for 2010 security, the US Secret Service and Minneapolis police went undercover to dry run for the 2008 GOP convention, Mexico had their undercover Federales there for crowd control training, and Chinese national undercover officers were also at Montebello to explore tactics for dealing with foreign protesters at the 2008 Olympics. All the undercover training was coordinated by Shin Bet which is the world leader in violent crowd control.

The so-called "union leaders" were police assets as well - participating in an insitu roleplay of how to handle the exposure of undercover officers participating in a demonstration. In fact, if you subtract all the undercover security, there were probably only twelve actual demonstrators. I know because in addition to being the summit host I was overseeing all conference security from our new $100 million portable hot room. The assets from all the various agencies were identified on the big situation board along with protester movements.

The Summit was about international security partnerships so the anarcho-freaks had to expect that we would practice what we were preaching. As usual the lazy crypto-socialist media got it all wrong - berating the undercover police for being amateurish and incompetent when in fact everything went perfectly according to plan.

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