Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fealty towers

I had my Basil Fawlty moment this week when I went to Victoriaville. I was ready to do another barn-burning speech about Canada being back on the world stage because of its military victories in Afghanistan. But then the Vandoos were hit with a roadside bomb and the opposition smelled blood so Sandra said "don't mention the war." I replied, "Que?" but she she didn't get the joke.

Now Bloc Cheezehead and Liberal Quasimodo trying to tag team me in a desperate attempt to make the war relevant to the Quebec byelections. They clamoring for an "emergency" debate in Parliament about a decision that is more than a year off. These are two of the dimmest bulbs in parliament - don't ask me how they got to be "leaders."

Flanagan calls them the double dildo - they screw the country from both the federalist and separatist sides at once. I think Cheezehead - I mean tĂȘte-fromaj - takes the cake. Even his provincial party don't want him - he'd rather sit here in Ottawa carping and complaining, knowing he'll never have any real power but drawing a juicy salary and a fat pension from the country he loves to hate.

Their attempt to drag the dead soldiers into the byelections is pathetic grandstanding and soon the Mustache the Roared will be sticking his bald head into the breach as well. Even more pathetic is that their "Quebec lives are worth more" gambit will probably work.

The sad truth is that frogophones always stick together, especially when there's a chance of blackmailing the rest of the country. That's why I had to create the Reform Party for frigs sake.

Yes it's tragic that two Quebecois soldiers were killed but Albertans don't whine and turn tail when dozens of their province-mates gave the utlimate sacrifice - they just grit their teeth and put "Support Our Troops" ribbons on their SUVs.

After all, that's what soldiers are paid for - to die for the glory of their country, their emperor, or their commander-in-chief. To make their leader a player on the world stage. The opposition want the Quebec soldiers to get out of combat and start giving candy to kids and helping veiled old ladies cross the street. Where's the guts and the glory in that? Humanitarian mission = who cares. If you force our combat-hardened troops to become namby-pamby peacekeepers again they'll become demoralized, morale will plummet and the Canadian military will end up in the toilet.

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