Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Time to crack some frog heads

They never knew what hit them. The double dildo tag team thought they could outsmart me by forcing a vote in parliament on Afghanistan. But I pulled the mat right out from under Quazimodo and Mr. Cheezehead. And the Mustache that Roared got hammerlocked in the bargain.

I've prorogued parliament so they won't have an audience for their petty grandstanding ploys for at least another six weeks. As a bonus all their idiotic committee amendments to our sensible and corporately-crafted legislation will be tossed out the window. As if I'm going to pass my clean air act after those opposition monkeys got their filthy paws all over it and turned it into one stinking turd of a bill.

While they are cooling their heels in Ottawa or having temper tantrums about no question period, I'll be looking presidential as I make more government spending announcements with our huge surplus and have photo ops with world leaders. That way I continue to wipe the floor with the opposition "leaders" in the polls.

Then in October they'll be so raging blind they'll bring the government down on my motherhood and apple pie throne speech. Majority here we come.

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